Red Wine - No aging

The label and the name, represent the first position, "ONE". This is the first wine each aging.


Cherry red wine with intense purplish edges, full of vivacity and youth.

Intense aroma of wild strawberry, red mulberry and blackcurrant, with a background of thyme and dried rosemary.

The mouth wakes up at its entrance, with an unusual freshness, followed by good tasty fruit. Fill everything in its path, and leave a pleasant memory when leaving.


Aging: 6 months French oak

The label and the name, represent the «Outline» (Rasgos) of the land and the natural beauty of its region.

Syrah y Tempranillo

Attractive cherry red color with violet tones.

On the nose there is a perfect combination of its primary aromas, red plum, scrub and blackberries, with aging, dry wood and cocoa.

The red fruit stands out in the mouth, not lacking in complexity. Rich, tasty and fresh. Good taste today and with positive positive evolution.




Aging: 10-12 months French oak

The label and the name, represent Extremadura´s culture. The label is inspired by the map of the roman theater of Mérida, and its name, Cávea, means bleachers in old Latin Language.

Syrah, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Tempranillo y Graciano

A wine with strength, and lots of live, deep cherry red in color, with ruby colored reflexions and medium-high rim.

It stands out for its complex aroma, where a subtle combination of the minerals of its land, red and black fruit scents and the fresh toast of oak barrels is achieved.

With a discreet entrance en mouth it grows as it passes, standing out for its elegance and complexity.


Aging: 18-22 months French oak

The label is inspired by the best Iberian ham in the world, cured in Extremadura. The name "Gulae" symbolizes the regional gastronomy culture.

Best selection from the vintage

Beautiful deep red color with purple edges and high layer

Sweet scent of ripe cherry and blackberry, followed by creamy and backing undernotes that gradually appear. However good it may be on the nose, the best lies at the stage of mouth.

Huge entrance, tasty and rich. Great structure, with fruit notes and complexity. Creamy on the palate with softened tannins.