The food industry is, for many, the new potential of Extremadura. The wine business in Extremadura has experienced a very important development in the last decades. With the passing of the centuries, progress made in viticulture has contributed to make vines one of the most relevant products of the region. It is Spain´s second largest region in vineyard surface and, it counts with modern wineries dedicated to producing high quality wines.

Extremadura is an Autonomous Community situated southwest of Spain and is formed by two of the largest provinces in the country: Caceres and Badajoz. The capital city of Extremadura is Mérida, known in Roman times as Emerita Augusta.

Extremadura, a low-density population area, has an extension of 41,633 km2. Throughout the years, it has wisely preserved its huge historical heritage as well as its immensely beautiful natural surroundings. Although still unknown to many people, those who have experienced Extremadura have been enchanted by its landscape, its history and the pleasures of enjoying its rich gastronomy.

The nature, history and gastronomy of Extremadura are represented in the Carabal wines through their labels. These remarkable aspects of this region are what has motivated the entire Carabal project and its commitment to promote a quality, modern and innovative industry