About 70% of the estate is usable area for agricultural and labor use (rainfed agricultural, irrigated agricultural and pasture). Annually, about 150ha (370acres) of cereals and legumes are grown, obtaining forage in bales of hay, silo and straw, as well as cereal grain harvest. In addition to the production of grain and fodder, the farm has an area of 115ha (284acres) of unirrigated olive groves, formed by the verdial, ergot, chamomile and arbequina varieties; and about 80ha of irrigated land, normally for the cultivation of corn.

Cattle Raising

The livestock hut of the farm is composed of 700 heads of sheep of Merina (70%) and Talaverana (30%) breeds. Its use is the sale of meat (lambs and old sheep) and wool. They also soil the pastures, developing a cleaning task and fertilizing the field. During the montanera season, Iberian pigs are fattened, grazing in the pasture of holm oaks and cork oaks and feeding on acorns.


Hunting systems used are hunting game and stalking. The hunting grounds set up on the estate have a technical hunting plan in force, which purpose is to order the activity of hunting, so as to ensure proper exploitation of the species targeted, achieving adequate and balanced population levels, and guaranteeing quality animals. There is also a zoological center, breeding area and management of deer, mouflon and wild boar, which is currently managed only for the deer.

Vineyards and Winery

Inside the estate, with direct and independent access from the road, Carabal Viñedos y Bodega is located. This activity occupies an area of 104ha (260acres) and has a vineyard of 55ha (140acres) and a winery of 8,500m2 (92.000square feet) equipped with all the facilities for wine making.