El Carabal Estate

Bodega Carabal

The estate of El Carabal belongs to the municipality of Alia, a village in the southeast of the province of Caceres. Alia is located within the area of “Las Villuercas”, whose capital is the town of Guadalupe. This town is famous for the Monastery of “Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe”, listed as a World Heritage Site.

Las Villuercas is at the center of the Mountains of Toledo which separate the basins of the Tajo and the Guadiana rivers. The geological diversity of the area, together with its rich natural and cultural environment, has driven the European Union to declare it a Special Protection Area for birds (SPA) and UNESCO to name it Geopark of Extremadura “Villuercas, Ibores, Jara”.

El Carabal is located at the foot of the Sierra of Guadalupe, in a territory surrounded by a series of small mountain ranges (the sierras of Guadalupe, las Villuercas  and Altamira), the reservoirs of García Sola and El Cijara, the river Guadalupejo and the basins of the Guadiana and Cañamero rivers.

It covers 6,000 acres (2,500 ha) of land, mainly formed of woodlands of oak and cork trees and fields (the dehesas) and mountainous areas, used as game preserve. Also, we can find, several water dams made to ensure water supply for agricultural use, herd animals and game.

The estate´s activities focus on agriculture, sheep farming and game hunting, being the latter typical of the Extremadura region. The property has been preserved in an excellent state, always looking to better its natural environment. Amongst the investments carried out, we find a farm for the breeding and care of game as well as important reforestation with holm oak and cork trees.

The last major project of the estate was in the year 2003, with the recovery of an old vineyard and winery in ruins, abandoned for decades.

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