Family Estate Winery - Innovation and Singularity

Family Estate Winery - Innovation and Singularity

The estate of El Carabal is located within the natural area of “Las Villuercas”. Its geological diversity and its natural and cultural wealth have provided the region numerous areas of special interest, allowing our vineyards and winery the privilege of belonging to this exceptional natural system.

RASGO, a fruity and fun wine. It is a wine with lively and intense red and purple reflections, as a wine of its youth aging should. Strong scent and red fruit, berries and fruits of the forest, combined with a subtle memory of clean wood, obtained from its brief stay in oak barrels. Kind despite its intensity, it leaves a rich and intense final memory.

CÁVEA, a structured and elegant wine. A wine with strength, and lots of live, deep cherry red in color, with ruby colored reflexions and medium-high rim. It stands out for its complex aroma, where a subtle combination of the minerals of its land, red and black fruit scents and the fresh toast of oak barrels is achieved.

GULAE, a complex and sophisticated wine. Beautiful deep red color with purple edges and high layer. Sweet scent of ripe cherry and blackberry. Behind, gradually appear creamy and confectionary notes. If at the nose is good, the best is at the stage of mouth. Huge entrance, tasty and rich. Great structure, with fruit notes and complexity.